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4:2020 Plan

Voter Action Center

In partnership with Edify Political Action Committee, Democracy Legacy, and, Green Reine is working to bring the Cannabis Community to the voting booth – or the mailbox – to make sure our voices are heard at a time that they are needed most.

Your Voice Matters

Commit to 4:2020

There are four key things EVERY voter needs to do to ensure that their vote is cast and counted for the historic 2020 Election.

Confirm Your Registration

Voter roll purges are happening constantly. Take 30 seconds and verify your voter registration information – including your address! – is accurate and in the system.

See What's On the Ballot
Seven states have cannabis initiatives on the ballot for November, but there are also proposed laws that will impact the climate, voting access, healthcare, and more.
Know the Rules of the Game
This is the strangest and most contested election in decades. Find out how you are allowed to vote in your state during the pandemic because it could be WAY different than last time.
Make a Voting Plan
The only thing predictable in 2020 is just how unpredictable it is. What is your first option on how and when to vote. Awesome – now what’s your backup plan for when something crazy happens? Figure it out now.
A Bipartisan Letter Calls for Banking Relief

A Bipartisan Letter Calls for Banking Relief

Attorneys General for thirty-four states and territories asked the U.S. House and Senate to include protections in its pandemic relief plans for banks that service legal marijuana businesses. “This provision would not only address new safety issues created by the...

The Uncertain Impact of Cannabis on COVID

The Uncertain Impact of Cannabis on COVID

The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 highlights the need for rescheduling cannabis so that it is no longer considered a Schedule 1 Narcotic. Green Reine Executive Producer Shawna Vercher was asked by High Times for her thoughts on cannabis' potential impact on the...

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