Our Values

Before we ever write a piece or begin filming a segment, we ask ourselves what message we want to send and how it will help make people’s lives better. Our mission for Green Reine is to leverage media, political strategy, and industry expertise to advance social justice causes related to the cannabis community. We have four guiding values as our focus for that work.


Providing Medical Care

All citizens should have a right to choose alternative, non-pharmaceutical care without sacrificing safety or dignity. Our organization works to destigmatize the usage of medical cannabis, and eliminate barriers to access such as affordability.


Protecting Families

Well-regulated, adult access to cannabis has been shown to reduce dependency upon addictive substances such as alcohol and opiates.

Studies have also shown that communities where cannabis can be consumed legally have a lower rate of drug-related crimes and reduced teen use.

Additionally, we know that unnecessary arrests for possession have devastating and traumatizing consequences for both parents and their children. We are passionate about keeping families together by searching for better solutions for our communities than incarceration.


Supporting Communitites

Already we are seeing substantial revenue from regulated cannabis sales benefit schools, mental health programs, and law enforcement. As more businesses emerge in the industry, well-paying jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities are also increasing.

We partner with the industry and community leaders to ensure that all citizens have a chance to participate in this economic growth, including women, veterans, and people of color.


Building a Foundation

As more laws are passed at local, state, and federal levels, businesses and regulators must be ready to adapt fast enough to keep up. We share knowledge and best practices from one area with another in subjects including:

  • Technology and tools for efficiency
  • HIPAA compliance of medical use data
  • Workplace safety
  • Environmental impact
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