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Finding Your 7

All successful movements in our modern history have seven components, or pillars, in common. Green Reine works with experts, activists, and community leaders to share information about those seven pillars so that you can continue to grow the cannabis movement to make the most impact – whether you are looking to change something in your own community or influence people around the globe.

Build Your Internal Infrastructure

Plan for success. Work to integrate key software, tools, data, and team members that you will need as your particular organization continues to expand its reach.

Open Up Doors to Funding

At some point money will be the difference in being able to make things happen fast enough. Build relationships with donors, sponsors, and other organizations to ensure that have the funding you need.

Access to the System

Rules and laws are being decided daily by elected officials and committees who do not understand our industry. Find out how you can have a seat at the table, whether its on the agenda for one meeting or getting appointed to a position to be a voice at every meeting, and educate the leadership in the same way you work to educate the community.

Personification of the Movement

One of the keys to having new people support your goals for things to feel relatable and personal to them. Amplify people who embody the values you have and can generate empathy, enthusiasm, or even outrage about the things you are trying to change.

Pop Culture Saturation

The fastest way to educate and reach out to people about what we do is to make sure it is covered in the media.  Provide a storyline that shatters sterotypes and tells a compelling story.  

Build an Engaged Army

Too many groups and individuals are working on their own.  We are much more powerful together.  It’s one thing to lead a movement to resolve an issue, but give others a chance to participate so that you are not out there fighting alone.


Set Attainable Goals

Develop a list of frequent milestones that keep building momentum.  If they don’t exist organically, create some.  Celebrate even the small victories. Building a movement is hard work so remind the people working alongside you how much of a difference they are already making by showing up.

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