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Cannabis Nurses: Industry Responses to the Pandemic
Part 2 of the CNN Panel

Cannabis Nurses Network

In this episode, Part Two of the four-part series, members of the Cannabis Nurses Network took a deep dive into how we have all been directly impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Green Reine Executive Producer Shawna Vercher and the nurses discuss the collective PTSD we will experience as yet another reason to legalize adult-use cannabis nationwide.

As explained by James Schwartz, a founding member of the Cannabis Nurses Network, “This is going to be a global PTSD event that we are all going to have to get through.”

“Never before has cannabis been so necessary. We’re all dealing with some sort of anxiety related to this.”

James Schwartz

Established in 2015, the Cannabis Nurses Network™ is a professional nursing and professional development organization for nurses around the globe. By educating nurses on the science behind the plant and providing a global nursing network, nurses are supported and empowered to implement their knowledge within their community.

Hear firsthand about the estimated increase in cannabis usage and why the nurses believe we are seeing a real-time illustration of the profound need to cope. Watch the interview below or VISIT OUR CHANNEL.

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